I will not sit still any longer.

Not while a single tree is still being cut.

Not while there is breath still in these lungs.

I will not sit by, idle, watching my world burn down around me.

I will no longer be just a stander-by.

I will mobilise people.

I will share my story.

I will open eyes to the truth of our existence.

If not for ourselves that we care, what about every innocent being caught in the cross hairs of our self destruction?

I cannot sit still any longer.

I cannot not speak my truth. Hold back on my feelings. Keep my information to myself. Sit on these gifts like they will hatch ducklings of gold.

What of real, living, breathing master pieces that a word might save? What of the minds that I might change? The lives I might touch?

I will not hold back any longer.

Waiting for the perfect theme while another forest gets burned to the ground.

Debating my message while families flee, children die, animals blink in and out of existence.

Cry about my strategy, wonder about visibility, when an invisible procession walks off a cliff. All of the progress of our existence at our fingertips, and yet we chose numbness.

Because we can’t cope with the true tale, cognitive dissonance coloring our daily interactions. The selfishness beyond just me and you, in every action we take.

Selfies with a plastic cup of a brew that has dis-homed a whole family. Lives lost never to be regained. Inches on land eaten up by the banality of an existence centred around entertainment.

Earth gives us life!

She is our breath! Our flesh! Our water! Our reason for being!

Awaken oh sprites of olden times. Awaken oh elements, If you must sweep us away, then do.

This is a shakeup, a wake up call. It is time for you to do your part.

It is time for me to speak my experience into existence. One can change the world on their own. My world changes every day. And in my new world the cost of a frivolity is not paid for by a life.

I have a vision. Of inter-connectivity and interdependence. Of an equal give and take.

A mission of recording the ancient call for the modern mind. A wake up call of epic proportions it awakens every heart. Touches every being, awakens the living essence in each and every one.

I am tasked with awakening human essence. I am called to speak my part. I am called to draw in the elements into our daily lives, to mold our resistance.

To shine light and increase our awareness. To offer alternatives to destruction. And to watch the barriers fall.

Watch this space.