All Along it was YOU

All Along it was YOU

If you feel cut out from someone’s story, maybe you’re actually cutting yourself out of your own?

You are worth more than a tag along to someone’s dream.

You have your whole own glory to fulfill.

Maybe it feels uncomfortable because your soul is nudging you not to forget your dream.

Remember that? You fell asleep so many nights envisioning it.

Somewhere along the way you stopped believing it was yours.

And you begged and asked others to fit you under their Christmas tree.

You are dressed as the gift, my dear. You ARE the gift.

All this time you’ve been waiting for YOURSELF.

To realise there would not be a knock on your door and a path to your story because you ARE that.

It happens when you are ready.

When you are ready to embrace your role.
When you are ready to embrace your magnificence.
Your remarkable essence.

When you can look in the mirror and think, wait a minute, it IS me. I AM that which I have been waiting for.

If there is no way, MAKE ONE.

You are the show you’ve been waiting for.

So while you stalled and waited for it to get on the road, you forgot you are the road, the vehicle and the whole damn thing.

Get out there.

There are people waiting for you to remember this. To embody this.

They too are waiting on themselves, and to help them realise, you have to realise it’s been you all along.

ALL ALONG it was you.

Go out there, and get it.

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