Big Dreams Call for Big Shifts

Big Dreams Call for Big Shifts

Don’t lose hope in what’s moving out of the way to make room for Awesome. It might take a little longer, only because there is more that is wanting to come in. Don’t think that in this stalling period your dream is not reaching for you. It is.

Like a seed beneath the dark earth, you are unfolding. Into your divine truth. It takes time. It takes effort. You that are reading this, keep the patience. Keep the faith. It is all coming. I know it seems impossible in this moment to believe that it is all going to come out well in the end. It is.

This is all in divine timing. It may not make sense to our human minds. It was not meant to. It cannot make sense with senses that cannot wrap around an essence so expansive it reaches through realities. It is making way for a bloom so big.

A bang that will shake the earth. Timelines colliding for you to step into your dream. Have patience because what you are dreaming is no mere day musing. It is no mere passing thought. It is not just a whim, a passing wisp of what ifs. It is Real Stuff. It is gold distilled over eons.

It does not happen in a night and a day. The Egyptians called it MFKTZ. They asked ‘of what is it made?’ It seemed to come from thin air. It appeared like a vision. It came from a vacuum. The void birthed it. Into creation it came with a bang. It had weight and essence. It moved mountains and made believers of the faithless.

Your MFKTZ is priceless. It is coming through you. It takes time to gather all that is to be alchemized into pure gold. For eons now you have been carefully and painstakingly gathering all the pieces. It is almost time. For the grand show to unfold you had to collect all the elements. From the four corners of the globe…

From worlds seen and unseen, relics of the wakening. Pieces of your soul come together for a grand opening. Have patience that you have done the gathering justice. You have all that you need. Very soon now…any moment now, the curtain will part. You will see yourself above the sea of all that is.

Keep speaking those words out into the ether. They are creating ripples of effects and causes. Ripples of meaning extending into the very furthest dark corners of your dreaming essence. You are there even as you float in the womb. It is almost time. You will know.

The cramps will push you through the tunnel. You will know. If you don’t feel it now, you will feel it soon. You will go towards the light. You will feel the anticipation and excitement in your soul. You will be pushed towards the grand opening. You have prepared all nine months of your gestation for this one grand moment.

On the other side, they are waiting for you. Never mind that it has seemed to take an eternity. In that timeless space you have gathered and gotten ready all that you needed. Soon, very soon, it will come to be in the seen. You have had patience and you will be rewarded. Your dream is coming.

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