Divine Nature

Divine Nature

November 9th, 2018

Do you question how they can live so authentically? Admire their loyalty to their sacred fire? It is not a dream, only for a select few. You, too, have a gem of a life story and a roar of an inner identity waiting to be uncovered, explored and shared. What is it in your life right now that is stopping you from reflecting on your inner core, let alone accessing, decoding and shining it?
It could be anything.
Shame and guilt..
Willful ignorance..
Once you start asking questions, prepare for the unveiling. The work is hard, but rewarding. A life lived comfortably on the edge of potential to some is more discomfort than a soul can bear to inflict upon its fragile inner composition. If you are one of those looking for a sign to embrace that sacred temple within, reconnect with a deeper self or even just express more authentically day to day-
You are not alone.
You are not going crazy.
The struggle is real.
Your urge to discover this hidden dimension, is urgent.
It is a life or death matter; living to your true self and dying to the old order that knew no better.
That enslaved you within your own doubts.
There is better, and you are daring to dream it.
Righteous to fight and reveal it.
There is deeper. There is an infinity of depth to be traversed.
Infinity of expressions waiting eagerly to pour forth from lips that have stood still for far too long.
You are allowed this revolution.
This restructuring.
You deserve to know your full, unfurled glory.
And it is inevitable.
Take courage, you who reads this, you who questions this.
Take courage, for this passage and process are set up just so that you may learn your innermost secrets and come out a version lighter, stronger, bolder.
It is just, it is perfect.
The struggle, suffering and the bloody crescendo..
The nights in hollowed agony..
The moments in slow creeping cruelty..
There is a match, made in heaven,
for every low and every demon
tucked into every corner you dared not enter.
Your real self eagerly anticipates
the parting of the curtain
for an eye to eye recognition
of this truest being
that has been in you always,
since time immemorial.
What was yours has always been yours.
Your divinity is etched
into every code
of your living library.
Now, you are tasked
with fostering
and acknowledging
that you host sacred
an eternal dance
between heart space longing
and head space knowing.
A shift is in the making,
a newness on the horizon-
it is but you waiting
on the threshold, key in hand.
Dare, dare to ask what it unlocks!
Dare to part the sands of time
for a peek at your stunning

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