Golden Grail

Golden Grail

You were meant to heal and inspire. Awaken and transcribe the passing tides. You were meant to make them feel in hearts numbed to pain. You were meant to paint pictures so lively their eyes broke open from their self prescribed dens. You were meant to be wild. You were meant to be colourful.

While they turned back and forth in seas not meant for reason nor depth, you sought for the gold. Deeper into the caverns you dove. Deep into the caves beneath the sea you sought. You found the pearls of wisdom.

You found the gold. It appeared to your in dreams. It made itself known in sensations beyond human thought. You have found the golden grail. You are here to transmit this essence to every human being. To awaken within them the ancient longing of recognition, of knowledge of self. Of remembrance of our divinity, our inter connectivity, and our true birthright.

You were meant for more than soul rot. More than forgetting and deception and getting lost. You are here to find the truth and transmit it to every corner. Wildly, freely in colour and sound displaying what it is to be free. That is your mission. It is in your body. It is in your thought, your dance, your bravery.

Don’t for a second think you failed to fulfill it. You are fulfilling it even as I speak. You have gone into the very depths of darkness, into the very bowels of forgetting and extracted the memory. Extracted the golden essence you bring now to the surface.

The memory was so deeply embedded, and yet you discovered it. Yet you fulfilled your mission and found the truth at the very centre. You remembered yourself. You remembered your essence. You remembered of what we are made of. That we are connected.

That we are dream stuff. That we are meant to dream and dance in eternal glory of our joyful essence.

You remembered. And you are here to remind.
Here is your permission not to forget.

You are no ordinary worker bee.
You are no blip or mistake.
You are deliberately placed.
You are divinely appointed.
You are in time and place
You are beyond and within.
You are doing it justice.

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