May All Beings Be Free

May All Beings Be Free

Freedom from Suffering is a branch of Natural Order focused on shadow work and toxicity release in order to live our most fulfilled, healthy selves.

Toxicity on all levels can clog up one’s life channels, and allow feelings of despair to creep in. When the pain body, as Eckhart Tolle refers to it, is not tended to, with these emotions released regularly, toxic build up leads to pain and suffering.

Whether that is physical ills, or emotional suffering, it is the path least resistance to find these points of tension and release them. Through dedicated support to release emotions, detoxify the body of toxins, and clean up one’s mental and emotional space, freedom from suffering can be achieved.

Generation after generation, we have carried the same ills and patterns into the world, not knowing that we had a choice to break those patterns, to undo those curses. This lifetime is an opportunity for all beings to be free from DNA encoded limitations. In the field of Epigenetics, it is considered possible to alter your own makeup.

This takes it above and beyond what the standard view of heredity and genetics. We are electromagnetic beings, frequency based and vibrating at our own unique resonance. In order to restore and elevate vibrancy, dense energies must be released. We must reinstate the relationship with ourselves, where we become liberated cell by cell, as above so below.

Freedom does not happen in a moment and a day. But, it is a lifelong process that can begin with the simple intent to be free from pain, to allow abundance to come in, to open up to possibilities and to rise to meet one’s highest potential. Trust in your divine blueprint, and you shall be taken to places beyond your wildest dreams. You were always meant to.

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