‘Too much,’ you still think. ‘Too loud.’ ‘Too expressive.’ ‘Too deep.’

THEY are not your yardstick to measure yourself by.

Pathology is not a good reference point. Not feeling is not a goal to reach towards. Numbness is not the new cool.

You wake up with the realisation that you have been selling yourself short. That this craziness you wear so well is your trademark. It is what you came here to DO.

Let them play their games. You only came here to play YOU to the best of your ability. Which is enormous. Which is awe-worthy. Which makes them whisper and comment.

It is your SUPERPOWER. the depth of your feeling will save the world.
The way you see things will craft a whole new way of being.
You are an awe-inspiring GIFT.
Your love will never cease. It will flow like waterfalls.
Never let the damage do you in.

Never let the doubt turn you from your mission.
You came here to LOVE.

Love LOVE love even as they drive the sword in.
Even as they turn away and leave you there, bleeding.


You trust in an inner process that has birthed your entire being. You believe in a life after life after death after death, in the rising, in the moments, in the dust settling, in the tears, in the battle cry! In the ROAR!

YOU are divine.

Feel for them
Heal for them

Lead the way

Shine that torch in corners darkened by forgetting
Nooks tucked away into rot

Awaken every human essence

With your BEING
with your presence, fiery, burning

Through the ignorance, the apathy, the numbness

FEEL with every ounce of your being
Cry that tower down, to the ground, burn the old relics

AWAKEN to your brilliance

This is not a setback. This is your toolbox.

Tear through these veils of forgetting

SHAKE it up, like you were meant to.

a calm eye, a maelstrom, a hurricane
a stillness so loud it breaks people down in tears

Remember the breeze on the cross?
Remember the eyes, brazen, of a worthy mission?

The glances shared between those that love your soul? See the real you? Remember when for one you fell to your knees and saved a single life?

Remember you roots
Remember your gifts
Remember your holy hosts

You are a dream, learning that it is dreaming

Dream big and bold.
Feel for the unfeeling
You remember for all

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