Skinwise, You Need this Product in Your Life…

Skinwise, You Need this Product in Your Life…

This product changed my life.

If you have problematic skin and find yourself struggling with chemical products, expensive procedure or self esteem issues (because let’s face it, not a good skin day, is not a good face day), I know how you feel, I’ve been there!

I have faced every type of skin problem I thought possible, and when I thought it couldn’t get any worse… it did!

This is the only product that I experienced IMMEDIATE results with. I was not using soaps prior to this. I had stopped stripping my natural sebum and oils for a long time.. but still, natural care or not, my skin was angry.

I was almost ready to give up.. and then a small fairy whispered ‘African black soap..’

Okay, it was an awesome angel on a group that reached out to give me support, but still. She saved my life, or rather, my face.

First time using this I was..hesitant. Use soap on my face when I had not used anything for years? What if I experienced that weird squeaky clean feeling associated with industrial detergents? What if my skin wouldn’t recover, or would depend on this forever?

The first time I tried this, my whole life changed.

It was divinely scented of nature.
It was rich and lathered beautifully.
It left my skin SMOOTH and plump.
And the best bit?
I woke up the next morning WITHOUT oily skin which is typically what would happen if I had stripped my facial sebum the night before with a wash or soap.

I woke up with skin, soft and healthy.

The first time I used this soap, I noticed a marked improvement in inflammation and redness of the welts that had made my face home.

Three months later, I had even better skin.

Four months later, I traveled, and didn’t use this soap every day. STILL amazing skin.

No extra oiliness in between washes, over night, or on entire days I didn’t use this.

What was this?

Was it a miracle?

NOTHING had ever worked before like this.

The bumps and scars reduced, the active acne resolved. My skin health only improved, time after time. Fine wrinkles were less visible. Skin looked and felt healthy, hydrated and smooth.

What was this?

African black magic, that’s what.

Organic, raw, unrefined, just like I like it.

Ancient secrets for modern revival…

Pure ingredients, mystical preparation process that brings you this block of dark love. Shea butter, cocoa pods, plantain ash, thank you. Ancestors, thank you.

Never not saying, get the African black soap!

Here she is!

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