Spread Your Wings

Spread Your Wings

What about your ESSENCE have you been ignoring?

How have you been playing safe?

Multidimensional goddess soul, where have you sold yourself short?

In which aspects of your life are you playing safe, appearing smaller than you are, trying to fit into boxes NOT MEANT FOR YOU?

I see you trying to be accepted.
Trying to fit in.
Trying to make a mold not meant for you work.
Do the crushed wings feel okay?
Is it okay that you spend your time stooped over?
Cramped in cages, laughing awkwardly at the angle it leaves your neck?
Do you feel okay downsizing, accepting less, compromising?
Compromising your birthright?
Bartering with your banging essence?

Are you okay in there?

Do you remember EXPANSE?

Goddess, do you remember fields upon fields of space for you to just be?

Do you remember your wing span?

Do you remember stomping in too big shoes and owning the whole damn room at just 6 years old?

You are an ancient relic of beauty.
You are a breathing, living DRAGON.

You are no lowly house mite, puffing up the pillows to feed the whole of the tribe. You are no filler that ties in the whole thing together.


Do you remember what it feels like without that cramp in your spine?
Do you remember the velvet expanse like still water of divine inner essence?

I think you forgot.
You only forgot.

You fell into something and wanted to be loved, so you tried to play the game.

Those careers don’t fit because they are not meant for you.
That story is outdated but you are not.

You are not meant for these places.

You come from BEYOND.

You are made of more.

You only forgot.

Don’t sell yourself for a half assed apology. For an uncertain promise.
STILL after all these years, there is something you accept because you think you deserve no more.
Maybe it is a small thing, but to your divine birth right it is HUGE. Maybe you covered your mouth before you laughed, as if the sight of your pearly whites would crash ships at the boundary of sea and water.


As if in dancing your heart out, moving that wild soul, you would offend some folks.


Tell that man he can give his empty promises to SOMEONE ELSE. No, NOT you. Not anymore.

Tell that job they can button themselves up in their constrictive clothing.

Tell you parents you’re done, you’re not a little girl anymore.

Tell yourself in the mirror, HEY BOSS BABE what am I accepting today that matches my stellar essence?

What am I choosing instead?

Remember expanse?

Remember divinity?

You are meant for so much more.

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