Seems like letting go of the wheel in a car going at full speed. But it is the trust that leads to complete ease with the consequence of that action. The consequence is fatal but only because it is believed to be one. You don’t truly know what lies at the other end of an action.

A passage, a bridge, a road. Some say not knowing is the thrill, the ecstasy. And some say, they would rather die, ironically, than have to go down that road.

Control drives entire lives, from start to finish. Lives spent gripping on, gripping on to something as an excuse to avoid the question. Awareness brings with it a natural surrender. The more you know, the harder you have to fight to keep up an illusion of ignorance.

Information is power, intent is gold. We are going past the information age to the intention based experience. Really, to buckle up most securely and experience this ride to the fullest, you have to let go. In letting go of mind projections, beliefs that don’t serve, and energy draining circumstances, so much reserve is freed up that allows for transformation from one level of awakening to the next.

They are not so much levels as layers of intensity. The senses, once freed up, can experience fully that which was right before their eyes previously but remained unseen. The invisible is coming into the visible, at a rapid and intensifying rate.

We have been in the past for long enough now. We have lived out the consequences of something we have created in the past. We see now the effects of separation and illusion and ignorance. We can see the repressed selves rising to the surface to be acknowledged.

All it took was the intention of healing, the one time true intention to see the world smile and never cry a tear again, for a whole chain reaction to unfold, powerfully, irrevocably.

We are becoming aware of our thoughts, the aspects around us, and others’ roles in order to begin to consciously manifest. Something we were told we could not do. Ways we were hooked into an illusion of control. Circumstances of energetic feeding that have funneled our life force into fantasies of derangement. We have allowed this.

All it takes is to say no. To identify these drainages, and distance onself from them. All it takes is a stated intent, a refusal to participate. A taking back of one’s inherent power. All it takes really, is to let go.

A deep force from within so comfortably arises in the body to lead one as if an entire army of guardians were walking from behind. Support and strength and love from beyond, in bucketfuls, a presence of peace and such compassion filters through and dreams come true, because the thoughts tell truth now.

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