What Is Yours Is Coming…

What Is Yours Is Coming…

Goddess, do not be afraid to honour what is calling on the inside. What is calling to you, drawing you, bubbling up in streams of feelings.

Do not be afraid to honour now that which has been longing for you for many eons. Did you know you were meant for divine love? Divine bone shaking, heart piercing depth?

Did you know you were meant to feel seen, held in place with a gaze that goes straight to your core? Accepting less has left you feeling lost and forlorn.

You are left lying on a cold floor wondering if you can fit yourself better into the mold, How can you fit what is depthless, of magnitudes that cannot be grasped by the human mind?

You are seeking to be loved there in that space of the abandoned child. You are ROYALTY, love. You are the whole damn choir. You are the essence itself that molds and shapes worlds.

Do what you feel you need now. Your experience has got you. It is here to hold you through this change you have had such trepidation considering. You are meant for more than maybes.

You are stardust, conscious of your brilliance, and in this moment, it is time to step into your true role. Breathe through the difficulty, though it burns, it means you are alive.

What is yours is coming. Hold your head up, QUEEN. You have been brave. You are a warrior princess. You are capable of every test that you have faced, and as soon as you look up you’ll see the crowning glory coming for you.

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