You Are Here

You Are Here

You can FEEL breaking free. You can feel the colours, shapes, sizes, texture of it. You can feel it in you.

It’s not THIS. It’s not this question mark. This twist in your gut. This asking for permission

It is not this cowering. It is into this wondering.


It is a clear calling.

It’s what comes out when you let down your guard.
What happens when you go out for the night, and find yourself encouraging one man to keep living. Just one, but it is enough.

Telling a girl she is so beautiful, if she would just see the stars in her eyes.

Dancing like your insides are a living fire.

You are a ground-breaker. A self starter. A holy fire.
You are not a taster or tester or teaser.

You are the whole show. It does not cease going on.

In your mind’s eye, dressed in gold and glitter, you deliver the memory of peace straight from your heart. It reverberates in a room, so silent, a pin drops.

And your voice raises it from the ground, gives life again to the lost.

In a room of eyes fixed on what seems like a fiction, your voice paints worlds in the air. Right there, in the air. Your aura shimmers and twists. You expand past the boundaries of your body.

Your limbs move and shape nirvana.

This is what you came here for.

You are beyond the doubt.
Beyond where the demons of small play can reach.

You’ve walked through the veil.

You prepared the first piece, you know it will say ‘I always imagined myself here.’

Like, I just finally walked through the right door after years of knob twisting.

Casually, humbly, gratefully, step into your posture, naturally gracefully, like you had been waiting all these long years to collide with the self living it.

Hello, this feels like a dream, comfortably uncomfortable, to finally be living and breathing fire.

You remember days you looked on every street corner for this rip in space and time. To slip though, find yourself on the other side, LIVING it.

You remember when you tried every flavour looking for it to feel familiar.

When you tried everything they said was gold and glitter but found numbness and soul rot.

You don’t regret those nights.
You don’t regret a word you said.
They couldn’t hear you, and it wasn’t meant for those rooms.
But in speaking it, your practiced for that slip into your lane.

You open your eyes and you are saying it to a crowd so large it extends in shimmers into the distant black.

Here you are, home, your voice a tune leading true.

Here you are, where you’ve always been. In your time there you sketched a story of your long lost years, and the times you mistook imitation for the real thing.

And you came to life in that very room, your reliving it with words was the years lost looking for it.

Now you are playing out in your limbs the very last lost chronicles.
Soon you will come out of your mouth.
A second birth, a gushing forwards in colours beyond the human spectrum.

You will burst forth in colour and sound, filling your shoes as if you were born to collide with your biggest dreams.

You are.
And finally you are here.

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